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Do Surrogate mothers hold the right to keep the child?

Surrogate mothers right in Ukraine may be fluctuating as per the wholesomeness, as it is the best method for the surrogate mother that the child should remain with the Surrogate mother at least for about first 6 months so it will be an effective scenario for both the Surrogate mother as well as for the child so that the child should get the best feed up by the Surrogate mother as in Ukraine it must be a birth right of the child and also the Surrogate mothers right as well.

Do Surrogate mothers hold the right to keep the child?
Do Surrogate mothers hold the right to keep the child?

As there are some kinds of risks of getting the emotional needs, consider ability to meet the particular risks of entering into the Surrogacy process by both Surrogate mother and also the intended parents as well for executing the most ascertained procedure for the acquisitions to be procured therewith.
As the baby and the surrogate mother both are physically and emotionally attached to each other as during the procedure the baby is physically attached to the Surrogate mother and also the surrogate mother should be physically attached to the baby as she carries the baby in her womb for about 9 months which is the enough big duration for the physical and emotional attachment.

In the process of gestational surrogacy the surrogate mother is not being biologically attached to the child so in that case the Surrogate mothers right is being different in some way as that the Surrogate mother has not any kind of relation with the child at all and child also not any more attached to the Surrogate except physically during the period of 9 months and that is the only attachment she have with the child and also accelerates the birth right that the child is not being the child of the Surrogate mother in any way and also the surrogate mother do not have any right on the child.

It must be mentioned in the law that in gestational surrogacy the surrogate mother does not have any right on the child at all as also written on the legal documents too that must be signed by the Surrogate mother and the intended parents before the embryo implantation or transferred in the surrogate mother’s womb.

But in some parts of the Ukraine country it is being happened that whatever the biological considerations are the mother who gives birth to the baby have some rights over the child as it must be a cause of consideration in few parts of the country like it is in favorable consideration of the Surrogate mothers right.

 As there are many laws which are in favor of the surrogate mother so it must be find so difficult for the intended parents to get the legal custody of the child which must be biologically relative to them only in one way or the other as the case that if one person of the couple being biologically attached with the child.

The country’s laws are given and described in the law book which accelerates the most abs cured formation and must be carefully read up before being entering into the Surrogacy procedure and after reading all the laws then entering into the surrogacy process if finds about all the laws to be suitable for the intended parents after the birth of the child then the process must been further assessed otherwise not.

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