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Azoospermia: Did you ever hear about the azoosapermia?

Azoospermia, many of you might not know about the azoospermia in real sense and how to deal with the procedure? Infertility of the male is the common problems these days due to which the male need to suffer and lacks the opportunity of fathering a child. Infertility of male might be due to many reasons as low sperm count, immotile sperm, a problem with erection and ejaculation, no sperm in semen, no semen production and other fertility-related issues. Azoospermia is the condition of a male in which the ejaculate will not have any sperm. In some cases, Azoospermia may not find any option for treatment and remains left with adoption. No measurable level of sperm is found in male which is the real cause of infertility due to azoospermia. It is the problem in 5-10% of a total of the infertile men. Basically, the pores get clogged in there different ways as
·         Pre-testicular azoospermia: inadequate stimulation of otherwise normal testicles and genital tract.
·         Testicular azoospermia: testes are abnormal, disrupted or absent and thus sperm production absent. An FSH level increase as the feedback loop is interrupted.
·         Post-testicular azoospermia: sperm is produced but not ejected. This problem occurs in 5-50% of azoospermic men.

Azoospermia cost: varies with the individual and the place
Azoospermmis cost will not be the exact for every victim rather it might alter as per the case and the centre chosen for treatment.  The total of the expenses would not be same everywhere, it would depend on the place and availability of needed medical facilities to the patient. In metropolitan cities, the cost of the treatment is higher than in other small towns and cities. Talking about the least cost of the treatment and best quality, the patient should opt for the azoospermia cost in India. In India, the treatment is provided at very nominal cost and with the best success rate of the treatment. The team members and the doctors are well-expert in the field and thus perform the work very smoothly.  Azoospermia cost will be the total of the expenses for the treatment including the cost of the medicine, expert’s charge, and equipment charge and needed medical facilities charges. This is the treatment which can be afforded by the patient on own self without any help from family. The good earning male can afford it without suspicion but for student and least earning people, the treatment is very smooth to handle economically.  If the amount is unable to be paid at the same time in one instalment, the patient can opt for a facility of instalment.  The expenses will vary from 600 to 1,000 USD. This is the nominal amount which can be managed from at least the pocket expenses.

Azoospermia treatment: ends with the happiness in your hand with the lap occupied by a newborn
Azoospermia treatment really ends with the happiness and gives a newborn to your hand.  Azoospermia has a successful treatment which assures fathering a child. But in rare cases, it may not find a treatment when FSH level is very high in the male.  The mode of treatment would vary from the case to case. The centre finds a number of different ways for the treatment as counselling, medicinal treatment, IUI, surgery and all. If the patient has a problem of erection and ejaculation, psychological counselling is needed. The male addicted with smoking, drinking, drugs, residing in an extremely hot environment can be known with reduced sperm motility. The reduction in sperm motility is a cause of azoospermia. When the average number of sperms is motile in the total of the reduced sperm count, IUI is preferred. The success rate of the IUI treatment is about 20%. Any male when he fails to conceive a biological family, they can opt for the treatment. If the patient finds the abnormal sperm of one then also one can start either he wants family or not. The abnormal sperm involves the symptoms of change in colour of sperm such as greenish, yellowish, brownish and different. Low volume of semen and unusual strong order of semen also is a case of Azoospermia. The male has all such symptoms should visit the expert sooner. The side effect of the treatment is very few in comparison with the positive aspect of the treatment. Thus, the male with the sterility issue regarding sperm count should start the treatment soon for best success.
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Do Surrogate mothers hold the right to keep the child?

Surrogate mothers right in Ukraine may be fluctuating as per the wholesomeness, as it is the best method for the surrogate mother that the child should remain with the Surrogate mother at least for about first 6 months so it will be an effective scenario for both the Surrogate mother as well as for the child so that the child should get the best feed up by the Surrogate mother as in Ukraine it must be a birth right of the child and also the Surrogate mothers right as well.

Do Surrogate mothers hold the right to keep the child?
Do Surrogate mothers hold the right to keep the child?

As there are some kinds of risks of getting the emotional needs, consider ability to meet the particular risks of entering into the Surrogacy process by both Surrogate mother and also the intended parents as well for executing the most ascertained procedure for the acquisitions to be procured therewith.
As the baby and the surrogate mother both are physically and emotionally attached to each other as during the procedure the baby is physically attached to the Surrogate mother and also the surrogate mother should be physically attached to the baby as she carries the baby in her womb for about 9 months which is the enough big duration for the physical and emotional attachment.

In the process of gestational surrogacy the surrogate mother is not being biologically attached to the child so in that case the Surrogate mothers right is being different in some way as that the Surrogate mother has not any kind of relation with the child at all and child also not any more attached to the Surrogate except physically during the period of 9 months and that is the only attachment she have with the child and also accelerates the birth right that the child is not being the child of the Surrogate mother in any way and also the surrogate mother do not have any right on the child.

It must be mentioned in the law that in gestational surrogacy the surrogate mother does not have any right on the child at all as also written on the legal documents too that must be signed by the Surrogate mother and the intended parents before the embryo implantation or transferred in the surrogate mother’s womb.

But in some parts of the Ukraine country it is being happened that whatever the biological considerations are the mother who gives birth to the baby have some rights over the child as it must be a cause of consideration in few parts of the country like it is in favorable consideration of the Surrogate mothers right.

 As there are many laws which are in favor of the surrogate mother so it must be find so difficult for the intended parents to get the legal custody of the child which must be biologically relative to them only in one way or the other as the case that if one person of the couple being biologically attached with the child.

The country’s laws are given and described in the law book which accelerates the most abs cured formation and must be carefully read up before being entering into the Surrogacy procedure and after reading all the laws then entering into the surrogacy process if finds about all the laws to be suitable for the intended parents after the birth of the child then the process must been further assessed otherwise not.

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How does IVF work in Pakistan?

IVF treatment is an advanced type of solutions for the reproductive solutions procedures used to assist couples who are facing issues relative to infertility. In this process the females eggs are fertilized with the males sperms instead to be fertilized inside the body the process happened outside the body in the laboratory dish with the guidance of embryologist, technicians and lab assistants and also with the team of experts who monitors the whole fertilization process until the semen and eggs turns into embryo and also taken with special treatment till the transfer procedure to be completed.

How does IVF work in Pakistan?
How does IVF work in Pakistan?

To arouse the development of numerous follicles within the ovary sequence of hormones therapy is the basic step in the functioning of IVF treatments so as to get the treatments with more and more success results like the success results should be less with the increasing age of the female as the female in her late 30s or in early 40s should deliver less success results in comparison to the female within the age limit of early 30s or late 20s should have better success and conceiving results.

As the term ‘in vitro’ signifies the meaning ‘outside the body’ and it simply defines the process to be occurred naturally but the only difference is to be worked the fertilization procedure to be occurred outside the body and in natural reproduction fertilization occurred inside the body with natural procedure so IVF also signifies prompted debate of unnaturally conceived children.

As indeed eggs, sperms and incipient organisms are preserved in the lab within the plastic packet and which prompted the significance of “in a fake circumstance” or which is happened outside the atmosphere and the process thus formed outside the female body and then the fertilized embryo should be transferred in the female’s body for further procedure to formed the child and the birth process.

In simple terms, IVF process in Pakistan or in all over the world works with the same process as described above that the process should be prompted with the results so obtained that is in the form of embryo and then the transferring procedure should undergo with the same sense as in all the cases of normal IVF cycle in any other country too.

IVF is a cycle of process and also there are some attempts to be performed in completing the process and it is recommended and trusted that the pregnancy should be prosper in 3 attempts and it is a maximized level to be recommended by the experts otherwise some other treatments should be recommended for the pregnancy procedure to be completed. As medications played a vital role in enabling the female to deliver more than one egg to perform the procedure as most females should only produce one egg in their menstrual cycle and which is not enough to complete the procedure of pregnancy with IVF treatments and as results shows the medicines should work in producing more than one egg and to expand the odd chances that some will definitely results in pregnancy.

As IVF procedure starts with the medications procedure and ending after the transferring of the formed embryo in the female’s uterus. After the process of egg retrieval and obtaining the eggs from the female’s reproductive part and blending with the sperms in a laboratory dish.

On the chances that the sperm off chance the single egg to be processed for the fertilization and blends well so for the procedure for breaking the eggs and treats it well and after 48 hours it will be formed in resultant embryo and then after completing the formation of embryo it will take about 3 to 5 days to be monitored well in the observation of the experts treatment and then the transfer process to be completed after being observed for 3 to 5 days and after the transferring of at least one incipient organism it is proclaimed that the pregnancy should be prosper soon in such a better procedure recommendation of IVF by the treatment in Pakistan.

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Are you Looking For Top 5 Best IVF centre In Pakistan

In Pakistan, 20% of couples want treatment for IVF (in-vitro fertilizer). Any participant may have medical reasons or health problems for failure to fail or fail to conceive. In our country, there are 35-40% of men with infertility or infertility problems, and in the same proportion of women, while the two partners face problems in 20-30% of cases.

IVF (InVitro Fertilization) is a technique to treat pregnancy after two to three years of trying to be a child to treat pregnancy or to be unable to get pregnant. It is true that both men and women are suffering from similar lifestyle or infertility. Due to increasing stress, inefficient and fast and fierce urban lifestyles, environmental toxicity, and delay in the marriage age, chances of infertility are increasing in the joints.

Occasionally, it may be that binding causes for infertility can cause depression, depression and aggression in joints. Therefore, it is important to select reproductive treatment from a center that gives you high probability of getting pregnant or pregnant.

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When you experience IVF so both IVF and 2 week wait for the procedure is stressful and painful as your body felt something that had never felt before and as a result you can get the signs of pregnancy few days after this procedure had over so you must be felt some cramp or some odd twigs that you had never before so that you must be positive about the whole process to be happening inside your body and in some how you felt signs that IVF had worked over and accordingly worked throughout the procedure which must be pro active inside the body and the signs realized that some are of pregnancy signs, some are of stress which is being happened during the process and the stress when to get pregnant and some other questions which are present in the minds of the IVF user that how it worked? And when it worked? Must be a big question inside the IVF user and must be aware about the same procedure to be operative in such regard. Woman get her IVF must be worried about the periods and the cycle has failed or not is the main concern in the minds of women having IVF treatments so this may be also worked as a sign that IVF has.
As far as the signs that IVF has worked Mild Cramping and pelvic discomfort are common in this regard and must be hopeful thought after IVF treatments take place by the women. As medicines and the whole procedure of IVF treatments made a full impact on the women’s reproductive part and may somehow affects that part badly that are seen clearly by the signs of IVF has worked. While cramping at the time of IVF is not a sign of successful pregnancy and nor is the sign of coming periods. As IVF is successful in 90% cases but in some cases it may lack due to any reason so in 90% cases signs are different and in 10% cases signs may differ. If at the time of egg retrieval procedure or at the time of embryo transfer woman may face slight cramping immediately after some days the process had worked so this is also a sign that IVF had worked but if the cramping not happened by over the counter pain medications then it is the matter to be consult with the doctor as soon as possible and must be resolved within the specific time limit and here after you should have seen the signs that IVF worked very clearly.

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IVF Facts success rates and is ivf a painful procedure or not

IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) is the procedure or technique which can help a woman to conceive through the latest technology where the sperms and eggs combined together to be fertilized in the laboratory dish itself while also require proper monitoring of the doctors and expertise.IVF is used to cure for the infertility and some genetic disorders present in one of the body of the couple.


IVF can be prescribed only when even after one year of unprotected intercourse, woman cannot get pregnant due to any reason so IVF can be prescribed in that case where an expert can guide about the same and through IVF woman can conceive early and procured well through the same procedure to be followed on regular basis.
Another case is that when a woman is not getting pregnant due to some genetic disorder present in the couple which does not allowed couple to get successful parents.
Due to Infertility present in one person in the couple.

·         IVF provides a better chance of successful pregnancy as compared to other treatments.
·         Success rate is high so prescribed by most experts.
·         Chances of multiple births are increased.
·         Procedure involves fertilization of eggs with sperms outside the body and then injecting the fertilized embryo into the mother's body within 3 to 5 days.

·         Success rate at the age of 35 years is nearby 30%.
·         Success rate at the age of 37 years is about 27%.
·         Whereas, success rate at the age of 39 years is decreased to 20%.
·         But at the age of 41 years, success rate will be only 13%.
·         At the age of 42 years, success rate will only be 5%.
·         And at the age greater than 42 years but within 47 years success rate will only 2%.

This totally depends upon person to person whether someone feels the pain or someone don’t feels the pain as IVF is somewhat not a painful procedure as new techniques of anesthesia is being used up now a days and also, new technologies are being used up always as technology is growing day by day. As some are facing nominal kind of pain but in reality the pain is zero during the whole IVF procedure and also IVF is called by someone as pain free procedure but requires normal heart rates and normal blood pressure during the whole procedure. The transfer and retrieval both the procedures are almost free of pain these days.

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first test tube baby india and ivf cost procedure details


Kanupriya Aggarwal was the first test tube baby in India to be born on October 3, 1978 by the first physician in India Dr. Subhash Mukherjee who had created a history for the success of the first test tube baby and by the In Vitro Fertilization Procedure to be used so as to form the Indian History of first test tube baby and then becomes the unforgotten doctor of Kolkata, West Bengal and then the whole country (INDIA). It takes him around 8 years for this invention of test tube baby.
Durga was the second test tube baby born just after 67 days of the first one and also, by the birth of Marie Louise Brown in England.
Also, on the 25th birthday of India’s first test tube baby on October 3, 2003, ICMR organized a function and opened a fertility clinic in Bangalore and the due was received by Dr. Subhash Mukherjee by the scientific community.

In Vitro Fertilization is a method to reproduce by some special arrangements to make them reproduce and turns into embryo and referred to as IVF. IVF is the process of fertilization by taking eggs and sperms sample and then manually combining eggs and sperms to fertilize further. The embryo is then transferred to the uterus to form a child further in the mother's womb.
·         Due to damaged or blocked fallopian tubes of the woman's couple or due to Male Infertility.
·         Low sperm count in males.
·         Women who had removed their fallopian tubes.
·         Genetic disorder may be a factor in this respect.
·         Unexplained Infertility.
·         Woman having some disorders.
Step 1: Some fertility injections are prescribed before the process of egg production. Process involves many more eggs to be produced as some eggs are of no use at the process of fertilization. An ultrasound is being conducted to check the level of working of ovaries and at the same time, a blood test is being prescribed.
Step 2: The next step is egg retrieval by using a hollow needle and a minor surgery is being conducted for this procedure. Proper medication is being provided to reduce discomfort.
Step 3: The male is to provide a sample of sperms which is being produced for eggs to fertilized.
Step 4: Then the next step is insemination process in which the sperm and eggs are mixed together for fertilization. In some cases where fertilization is in lower chances of success then doctors recommend Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI). In this procedure, the sperm is directly mixed into the egg in an attempt to achieve fertilization. The fertilization process is being monitored by the doctors until it is ready for fertilization. Once this procedure happens successfully the matured eggs are considered as embryos.
Step 5: After fertilization process the embryo is transferred in the woman's uterus within 3 to 5 days so form a baby. An embryo is transferred in woman's body through a tube. The process is painless for most of the women, but some have little pain to be faced during the whole process.
1.      The first and the foremost use of the process called IVF is that for couples with infertility problems facing can be helpful for making woman to be pregnant.
2.      Secondly, it is helpful for women with blocked or damaged fallopian tubes and men with low sperm count.
3.      The third advantage is that the couples have a choice whether they are using donor's eggs as the woman facing some problem in producing her own.
4.      The last but not the least advantage of IVF treatment is that it can reduce surgery on woman's fallopian tubes. It can be estimated that it can reduce by about 50% now a days.
  • The most basic disadvantage is the cost, but as the child is priceless what else to think of cost is of no use. As many think that the success rate is only 30%.
  •  A second disadvantage is of many births. Five Percent of the time, it can be seen that women undergoing the in vitro fertilization process, give birth to more than one child. Only expecting to have one child but having more than one is a shocking experience most couples have. However, if properly monitored this cannot happen.
  • The last disadvantage involves ethical morals. Many times, not all the fertilized eggs are being used. It can get very controversial for people who are pro-life and could lead to outrage.

Basically, all of them needs child to be a part of a family member and generation to be upgraded so there is no price for a child as the child is priceless and the priceless means happiness for all the persons as needed by all the married couples to be a necessary and compulsory part of the family so what if it is just USD 2,999 for your family happiness and brings the complete, happy and proud family to be generated.

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