Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Surrogacy Centre in Delhi – A clinic of blessings for infertile couples

Surrogacy Centre in Delhi is one of the best and leading centers in Delhi which offers the surrogacy treatment to all those couples who are unable to conceive naturally because of infertility issues. The Key features of the Surrogacy Centre in Delhi are the services which are provided by the highly qualified and experienced professionals such as high success rates, state of the art facilities, cost-effective treatment, healthy surrogate mothers and egg donors etc. These are the factors which attract many international and national patients to visit the Surrogacy Centre in Delhi to make their dream come true which is their own baby.

Surrogacy Centre in Delhi offer the best surrogates and egg donors who are properly examined for their infectious diseases such as AIDS or Hepatitis and also undergone for the medical and psychological screening before they join the surrogacy procedure. All the surrogates are closely monitored by the fertility experts at Surrogacy Centre in Delhi and also this clinic offers all the assistance to the surrogate mothers which they required prior and during the pregnancy to ensure the high the success rate. The fertility experts of this clinic also provide the best counselors who will properly coordinate with the surrogate mothers round the clock whenever they need the support. This clinic offers the monthly allowance for the surrogate mother for availing the proper food and medicines for themselves and that will be included in the package which the fertility experts had given to the couples before they start the procedure. The Surrogacy Centre in Delhi also provides the team of dedicated staff members to ensure the timely medical check-up for the surrogate mothers so that they will achieve the highest success rate of taking the baby home.

Till date, the live birth success rate of the Surrogacy Centre in Delhi is around 65 to 75% of the women under age of 35 years and these are the highest success rate if compared with other countries. The main aim of the Surrogacy Centre in Delhi is to provide the best surrogacy treatment to all the patients across the globe and that too at the reasonable cost so that they can also enjoy their parenthood happily with their own baby. The Surrogacy Centre in Delhi has the qualified, experienced and committed doctors who give their best to achieve the successful pregnancy in those cases as well where the couple had lost all their hopes.

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