Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Azoospermia: Did you ever hear about the azoosapermia?

Azoospermia, many of you might not know about the azoospermia in real sense and how to deal with the procedure? Infertility of the male is the common problems these days due to which the male need to suffer and lacks the opportunity of fathering a child. Infertility of male might be due to many reasons as low sperm count, immotile sperm, a problem with erection and ejaculation, no sperm in semen, no semen production and other fertility-related issues. Azoospermia is the condition of a male in which the ejaculate will not have any sperm. In some cases, Azoospermia may not find any option for treatment and remains left with adoption. No measurable level of sperm is found in male which is the real cause of infertility due to azoospermia. It is the problem in 5-10% of a total of the infertile men. Basically, the pores get clogged in there different ways as
·         Pre-testicular azoospermia: inadequate stimulation of otherwise normal testicles and genital tract.
·         Testicular azoospermia: testes are abnormal, disrupted or absent and thus sperm production absent. An FSH level increase as the feedback loop is interrupted.
·         Post-testicular azoospermia: sperm is produced but not ejected. This problem occurs in 5-50% of azoospermic men.

Azoospermia cost: varies with the individual and the place
Azoospermmis cost will not be the exact for every victim rather it might alter as per the case and the centre chosen for treatment.  The total of the expenses would not be same everywhere, it would depend on the place and availability of needed medical facilities to the patient. In metropolitan cities, the cost of the treatment is higher than in other small towns and cities. Talking about the least cost of the treatment and best quality, the patient should opt for the azoospermia cost in India. In India, the treatment is provided at very nominal cost and with the best success rate of the treatment. The team members and the doctors are well-expert in the field and thus perform the work very smoothly.  Azoospermia cost will be the total of the expenses for the treatment including the cost of the medicine, expert’s charge, and equipment charge and needed medical facilities charges. This is the treatment which can be afforded by the patient on own self without any help from family. The good earning male can afford it without suspicion but for student and least earning people, the treatment is very smooth to handle economically.  If the amount is unable to be paid at the same time in one instalment, the patient can opt for a facility of instalment.  The expenses will vary from 600 to 1,000 USD. This is the nominal amount which can be managed from at least the pocket expenses.

Azoospermia treatment: ends with the happiness in your hand with the lap occupied by a newborn
Azoospermia treatment really ends with the happiness and gives a newborn to your hand.  Azoospermia has a successful treatment which assures fathering a child. But in rare cases, it may not find a treatment when FSH level is very high in the male.  The mode of treatment would vary from the case to case. The centre finds a number of different ways for the treatment as counselling, medicinal treatment, IUI, surgery and all. If the patient has a problem of erection and ejaculation, psychological counselling is needed. The male addicted with smoking, drinking, drugs, residing in an extremely hot environment can be known with reduced sperm motility. The reduction in sperm motility is a cause of azoospermia. When the average number of sperms is motile in the total of the reduced sperm count, IUI is preferred. The success rate of the IUI treatment is about 20%. Any male when he fails to conceive a biological family, they can opt for the treatment. If the patient finds the abnormal sperm of one then also one can start either he wants family or not. The abnormal sperm involves the symptoms of change in colour of sperm such as greenish, yellowish, brownish and different. Low volume of semen and unusual strong order of semen also is a case of Azoospermia. The male has all such symptoms should visit the expert sooner. The side effect of the treatment is very few in comparison with the positive aspect of the treatment. Thus, the male with the sterility issue regarding sperm count should start the treatment soon for best success.
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