Friday, September 22, 2017

IVF Cost in Delhi is very reasonable that no one can imagine

IVF Cost in Delhi is very reasonable for all the couples who are looking do not want to spend much on the infertility treatment but wish to have their own baby. If you are one of those couples than visit Delhi which is the best city in India that offers you the low IVF Cost in Delhi because they understand your situation that you already wasted your time and money to other places to make your dream come true but every time the results are not positive and this is the reason that now you do not wish to spend more on infertility treatment. For your, Delhi is the best place where the fertility experts not only offer you the IVF Cost in Delhi at the reasonable price but also they offer you the highest success rate of the procedure for taking the baby home from Delhi to your own country.

What is IVF treatment?
IVF treatment is a fertility treatment which is useful when you are unable to conceive naturally after having an unprotected regular intercourse for more than 12 months and still you are not able to achieve the successful pregnancy then in such cases the best treatment is the IVF treatment which will fulfill your dream of having an own baby. IVF treatment is a procedure in which your fertility expert will collect your eggs from your ovaries and fertilize them with your husband sperm outside your body but in the IVF laboratory under specific circumstances and then your skilled and experienced embryologist will place the resulted embryo into your uterus to establish the successful pregnancy and the IVF Cost in Delhi for the entire procedure is around USD 4500 for one cycle, however, this cost will go up to USD 6,000 for one cycle in case you are not able to achieve the successful results in one attempt. Your IVF Cost in Delhi is divided into two parts (i) Basic IVF cost and (ii) Advanced IVF cost
(i)    Basic IVF Cost in Delhi includes all your pre-existing expenses such as the complete procedure of IVF and ICSI cycle, embryo transfer, egg pick up, airport pickup, male and female blood investigation, ultrasound scan, blood tests etc. The entire IVF Cost in Delhi is around USD 4500 and this will not include your IVF cost of the advanced procedure.
(ii)    Advanced IVF Cost in Delhi: The advanced IVF Cost in Delhi is mainly depend on the procedure you have opted for to treat your infertility issues such as Egg Donation, Surrogacy, and Laser Assisted Hatching etc. will increase your basic IVF Cost in Delhi. With these advanced procedures, not only IVF Cost in Delhi will increase but your chances of successful conception will also increase. The estimate IVF Cost in Delhi performing the advanced procedures ranges between USD 10,000 to USD 35,000 which is comparatively very less if you compare the IVF Cost in Delhi with other developed countries.
Why people prefer Delhi for their IVF treatment

The people prefer Delhi for their IVF treatment because here they get the highest success rate of taking the baby home which is around 70 to 80% of the women under the age of 35 years and also the IVF Cost in Delhi is very reasonable that people of every class can easily afford the services and fulfill their dream of having their own baby. Delhi is a city where the fertility experts offer the same international quality of the treatment but at the reasonable cost.

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